George Marenco New Teacher at Rio

Alyssa Campbell, Staff Writer

There are five new teachers on campus this year, one of which is math teacher Mr. Marenco. Marenco teaches Geometry, Algebra 2, and Real Life Math.

Marenco used to teach at San Juan and Grant for five years but decided to come to Rio because he thought it was the best choice for him.

“My favorite part about Rio is that the students are respectful, prepared, and laugh at my lame jokes,” Marenco said.

“In high school I was the smart kid and a total nerd,” he said.

“I had a mullet, would hang out in my math teacher’s classroom at lunch, and I even had a secret code that I would talk to my friends to on my calculator.”

His favorite class in high school was Geometry, but he admits he wasn’t great at PE.

“The only class I ever failed was PE in seventh grade for not dressing out every day,” he said.

After high school, Marenco went to Stanford, a community college, and then to Sac State to become a teacher.

“I just figured I would become a teacher since I can’t sing and dance,” he said.

Since then he has taught at three high schools and has taught career choices and student government in addition to the three math classes he teaches now.

His favorite class to teach is Geometry and thinks it is important to learn because it’s a key to how we think.

Besides teaching his hobbies are teaching turbo kickboxing at Crunch Gym and, “watching a lot of TV and movies.”

Out of all the movies he has seen, he said his favorites are “What the Bleep do we Know” and “The Muppets”.

Marenco also enjoys music. His favorite artists are Metallica and Jack Johnson.

He likes to travel in his free time and his favorite destinations are Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Over the summer, Marenco taught summer school at Mira Loma, travelled a lot, and sat in his chair and watched a lot of TV.

“I’m looking forward to teaching at Rio, I think it will be a fun year,” Marenco says.