Rio students create telenovelas 

Eric Aflaki


The first Rio Telenovela  Emmy Awards honored the best in student productions of 2023.

The winners were chosen by over 300 students and faculty who voted on six categories last month. 

More than 200 students in Edna Contreras Ramo’s and Gabby De Lassé’s classes participated in producing a Telenovela in Spanish, incorporating all the cultural aspects of the genre. 

“I enjoyed making the telenovela with my friends this year,” said junior Liv Bacchi, part of the winning team in the drama category.  “‘El Asesino’ was a super fun film to write and translate, and it was fun getting together with my group to shoot our scenes and hang out. Getting to act super dramatically was definitely the best part.”


The winners for 2022-2023:

Drama:  Livia Bacchi, MacKenzie Kopple, Taylor Elliott, Alex Hashimoto, Ryan Voss 

Romance:  Maya James , Jodie Snell. 

Mystery :  Jann Morales: Mateo Mistretta, James Roof. 

Comedy : Liza Krause, Reese Miller, Lexi Miller, Ayva Figueroa-  

Thriller :  Nicco DeLalio, Jackson Kirkley, Quentin Hijlkema-Fok, Anand Danday- . 

Action:Evan Ambrose, Joshua Merri, Trey Contreras, Evan Nguyen