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Professional athletes use their platform to address racism in America

Rio students respond to a survey on racial protests.

Aaron Ichel and Katelyn Newton

October 17, 2020

After winning gold and silver in the 200 meter dash, American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos walked to the podium with no shoes, revealing their plain black socks. As “The Star Spangled Banner” blasted through the Mexico City stadium, the two bowed their heads and raised their fists, covered...

Crew Growing Popular Among Local Students

Crew Growing Popular Among Local Students

Michael Malloy, Mirada Staff

May 12, 2014

Students at Rio are being swept away by the wave of a lesser-known sport quickly gaining on traditional high school sports. Crew, also known as rowing, is a highly competitive club sport, especially in the West Coast region, with many athletes competing for upcoming college applications. “I think...

Rio Americano High School