2018-2019 Staff

Mickey Doolittle

Co-Sports editor

I went on a two-year sailing trip through the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

Lydia Ellis

Staff Writer

I play soccer and want to go to medical school

Kaitlyn Shelloe


I like dogs.

Michael Mehrdadi

Web Editor-in-Chief

I have 1200 hours on Gmod.

Jane Snider

Photo Editor

I want to work in a fashion magazine when I'm older.

Annalee Gorman

Staff Writer

I have a chihuahua named chihuahua

Luke Richards

Co-Sports editor

I'm still a freshman.

Ashley Keene

Co-Sports editor

I like pineapple on pizza

Alex Lydon

Co-News Editor

French speaking individual

Jared Moisey

Web Editor-in-Chief

I play the game Super Smash Bros. Melee competitively, while also somehow finding the time to be a swimmer. Everything else comes second, including food.

Michael Mahoney


Email Him mmahoney@sanjuan.edu