Abby O’Brien Named Sacramento’s Top Girls’ Senior Basketball Player


Ashley Lundberg, Mirada Staff

Rio Americano’s top scorer, Abby O’Brien, has been voted by a Sacramento Bee poll as the area’s top senior girls’ basketball player. 

Known for her deadly accurate three-point shot, O’Brien more than proved herself on the court this season. She led the team with 13.8 points per game and also contributed five rebounds per game.

 O’Brien got 28% of the vote, with 29,403 votes for her as the No. 1 player. 

 “I’m so thankful for everyone who voted for me and the support I’ve had from my coaches and teammates throughout my four years playing at Rio,” O’Brien said. 

Paige Krenecki of Del Campo finished second with 23% of the vote and Abbey Hadsell of Folsom was third with 12%.