How Skateboarding Can Help You Through The Pandemic 


Photo By Contributed by DANI ROTH

Skateboarding was one of Micah Roth’s favorite activities during the Covid-19 shut down.

Natalia Hurtzig-Lopez, Guest Writer

Times can be hard when you are home all day due to the pandemic when you are sitting in your room in your thoughts. In November, I was going through a hard time. I had no motivation to get out of bed or do homework, which was not like me at all. I would lay in bed all day in the dark doing nothing until I found my brother’s skateboard. Every day, I would try to find time to get comfortable with it and learn new things. Skateboarding can help you through the pandemic because it can improve your mental health and teaches you many things about life.

It is known that the pandemic has worsened many people’s mental health. According to the New York Times article “Young Adults’ Pandemic Mental Health Risks”, “young adults also reported the highest levels of symptoms of anxiety and depression — 62.9 percent reported either or both.” This is most likely because they are home all day and cannot go out and do fun activities with friends. Skateboarding allows them to go outside for a few hours. During that time, they are focused on trying to learn a trick or balance on the board, which will take their mind off of things that are making them feel bad. “The Vast Health Benefits of Skateboarding,” is an article that also talks about the benefits. They mention how skateboarding is a stress reliever and it is good for your body, mind, and soul. It might not be easy for people with bad mental health to get out of bed, but skateboarding might give them the motivation to get out of the house. This sport will help better your mental health and will motivate you. 

Skateboarding will also help you through the pandemic because it teaches you many things about life. It is not an easy sport to learn. In the article, “What Skateboarding Has Taught Me About Life” by Marko Vuletic states “It’s a mixture of having fun and being free which makes it all so interesting,” which is something I completely agree with. Out of everything you can learn, skateboarding has taught me patience. When I first started, I would spend two hours everyday trying to learn one trick. I would get angry because I couldn’t land a trick that looked so easy, however, the truth is, nothing is easy when you are learning something new. The more I practiced, the more I appreciated the sport and absolutely loved it.

I am not the best since I am still learning, but skateboarding helped me get out of the hole I was in. If skateboarding helped me, I am convinced that it can help many others.


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