Sacramento Kings Continue to Struggle

Sacramento Kings Continue to Struggle

Josh Zezzo, Mirada Staff

The Sacramento Kings have not had a winning season in over a decade.  The Kings had a winning season in the 2005-2006, they went 44-38 and were eliminated in the first round. 


Last year they went 39-43, they took everybody by surprise, as many people had already pretty much counted them out of playoff contention before the season had even started. 


The Kings finished one spot shy of a playoff spot last season. They finished in 9th and were nine games behind the 8th place division rival Los Angeles Clippers. 


They had a lot of offseason question marks surrounding their name. People were questioning whether or not they would be relevant this year as many people picked them to be the eight seed when it’s all set and done. They brought back players from free agency such as Harrison Barnes and drafted Kyle Guy from University of Virginia. The kings were led by Head Coach Dave Joeger for three seasons, but this past offseason they fired him to bring in Luke Walton.


Kings fans had mixed emotions when King General Manager Vlade Divac fired Dave Joeger and hired Luke Walton, but after the really slow start the fans started to turn on Walton and begin to not like him. 


Luke Walton was Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors while Steve Kerr was out with back problems. He led the Warriors to a 34-9 start while Steve Kerr recovered from back surgery.  


He was also the head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers for three seasons. The Lakers failed to make the playoffs all three years. 


This year the Kings got off to a slow start, starting the season 0-5 before winning their first game 102-101 against the Utah Jazz, who currently sit second in the Western Conference. 


The negative energy began to take a toll on the players, when recently signed center Dwayne Dedmon requested a trade from the Kings. The league responded to this, they fined Dedmon $50,000 for public statements detrimental to the NBA and its teams. 


The Kings also have struggled this year because of their lack of power on the defensive end. They have a hard time figuring out ways to maintain powerful players such as Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns and Eric Bledsoe of the Milwaukee Bucks.


They allowed Devin Booker to score an average of 29.5 points per game.  They allowed Booker to score over 30 points in three of the four matchups.


The Kings did a nice job of containing Giannis Antetukumpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. They only allowed him to score 13 points, but that came as a consequence to allowing Kris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe to score over 24 plus points against them. 


Overall the kings struggled because of the lack of defensive power, and their random coaching change from Joeger to Walton. In all told the Kings have work to do before they regain relevance from the NBA’s fans.