Track Preview


Photo By Anton Escay

The varsity Rio Americano High School cross country and track team

Whether the competitors are running, jumping or throwing, the people that compete in track and field have the opportunity to better themselves as an athlete if they are willing to put in the effort to do so.

With the conclusion of Fall sports, many athletes are left without a sport to play. While many end up at a gym, those who want some competition will end up joining the track and field team.

The best thing about track and field is that there is a sport for everyone. Smaller, more versatile participants can run while people who are larger with more muscle may want to give shot put or discus a try.

Whether it’s to stay in shape, get in shape, or just try something new, track and field is a perfect environment to compete in the event of your choice.

The common deterrent for almost any sport is the nervousness that comes with tryouts. Fortunately, track runners won’t have to stress out because as long as they attend practices and put in the effort to better themselves, they will be welcomed with open arms.

True commitment to a sport entails coming back for a second year. Sophmore Ryan Witte is preparing to return to the team for a second year as a distance runner. “ Track is a great way to pass the time and makes a good hobby for those looking for something to do,” said Witte. “It takes a lot of commitment, but it’s worth all of the effort in the end.”     

For years, coaches Gordon Hubble and Kevin Hubble have run the track program; however, after a dispute on how the team was being ran, head track and field coach Trevor Boler and head cross country coach Anton Escay took over the program in 2018. The change was not easy however.

“Hubble was a great coach who had been coaching Rio for over 30 years and many years led his teams to the State Championship meet” said senior Ross Gowan. Hubble leaving was widely argued and debated in attempt to save him. “There were many meetings during Hubble’s final days trying to save him where past cross country and track alumni even came in to help his standing.”

In this current season, two coaches for a sport consisting of four teams left little breathing room for additional activities. This year the program is graced with two more trainers for the team.

Kyle Carrillo will be coaching the shotput and discus participants this year. In addition, the distance runners decided to work on their upper body strengh, bringing up the second coach.

Doctor Tory Gordon helped the distance crew by acting as the new volunteer weight/core trainer for the team during the off season. Currently being a Physical Education coach at Rio and having coached many sports including football, basketball and track and field, Gordon is not lacking in experience. Spending 12 years in college to earn his Doctorate, Gordon has the drive to do pretty much anything.

Gordon’s motives are hard to mistake as anything but passionate as he speaks about his goals as the track team’s weight and core trainer. “I’m going to give the track kids my time and energy and I’ll see what I can teach them,” said Gordon. “My payment is watching them become better.”

Track and field will have the same events that it’s had in the recent past. These groups will consist of a distance team, sprinters, long jumpers, shot putters and discus throwers.

Looking for a sport, wanting to try something new, or just have nothing to do after school? Track may be the sport you’ve been looking for. Just make sure you’re ready to commit a lot of time and energy.