Lacross Domination


Malek Safi and Synia Thrower

With the spring season beginning, Girls Lacrosse is set to have a strong run in league and playoffs. The year is filled with many games with tough opponents that await on the schedule.

They currently stand with a three wins, two loss record as they’ve face hard oppositions. But, within their last five games, they’ve shown that they can compete with anyone in the city.

“We are doing pretty well for a newer team,” said varsity junior Dasha Kovalenko. “We’ve really started to work harder this year as a team and we’re getting the results of that.”

With an average of 13 goals per game and 8 goals against, their start is shown to be successful. Each game they have played has been a well fought battle excluding Alhambra’s win over the Raiders.

Rio has shown complete dominance in the shots and goals differential categories. With a win of 23-2, we couldn’t have asked for a better win.

“We’ve has some really good wins and we’re a really hard working team which puts us on the road to success,” said returning varsity junior Alex Martinez.

They had the most shots on goal and most assists in this game than they have had through the start of the season.

Junior Sophia Lynch had herself a game with two assists, three goals and a 1.000% shot completion.

The team has also taken initiative to form close bonds with each other.

“Before each game we’re assigned a secret buddy and we get them a small gift,” said Martinez. “It’s a small gesture that goes a long way in helping our team come together and that bond even shows on the field.”

The most exciting part about high school sports is the rival games that you prepare for the whole season.

Rio has three main rivalry games against Christian Brothers, St. Francis, and El Camino.

The team recently had recent success against CB in an extremely hard fought game; it was a team effort that took them to the win.

Sophomore Anika Rogaski had one of the biggest impacts on the game. She converted on five out of six shots, and contributed to take down the school rival.

Although it’s still pretty early in the season the girls have a lot of drive and tenacity.

“As a team we’re just looking forward to gaining closer relationships and becoming stronger so that we can continue to dominate,” said Kovalenko.

Their next game is set to be one of the biggest games of the season, St. Francis. The girls hope to carry on winning and prove that they can beat anyone.