Football Injuries Concerning Public

Malek Amaya-Safi, Mirada Staff

The NFL is attempting to cut down on football related injuries by imposing new rules and regulations.

Parents are being forced to take action and not let their children risk their lives playing football. Hassan Alaei, a player for the Rio Americano football team, said, “Coaches are trying to teach their players to play safer and learn how to tackle properly,” he said. “The refs and people have to follow their guidelines and the legal rules in the game, so that people do not get injured. If you are taught correctly, parents shouldn’t have an issue with their kids playing the sport.”

A high school football player, Dylan Thomas, died due to a head injury during his game at Pike County High School. In the second quarter of his game, Thomas was hit directly in the head, throwing his body into a large stinger.

“He later collapsed on the sidelines when an arm and leg went completely numb,” an uncle, Nick Burgess, told The Associated Press.

He was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where he underwent surgery; his brain swelled and he fell into a coma. He passed away later that evening.

The news of his death inspired his friends to overrun social media with tributes to Thomas. Burgess was able to create a donation page and raise money for the medical costs and lost income. They made more than $32,000 by the night after he passed away.

The football world has been attempting to cut down on the injury toll. The issue hasn’t been dealt with whatsoever, so Thomas’s death adds to the problems the NFL faces.

It has raised many concerns once again with the risk of the sport even being legal. All high schools, colleges, and even professionals think safety rules do not have any reason at this point. His death reached Tennessee State linebacker Christion Abercrombie, who is currently in critical condition after a head injury against Vanderbilt University.

High school football is not on the upside of success with size of teams. With the parents strong belief towards the safety of the sport, the participants on teams has dropped significantly.

In the 2018-2019 school year at Rio Americano, the football team was not able to make three full teams. Dan Giberson, student, said, “My parents did not let my play this year because they were worried about my safety. I received a small concussion from it last year.”

The NFL and most football committees have changed the rules and attempted to enforce them. For the 2018 season, medical officials created a concussion video to teach players what could happen if they make a hit to the head because not only will it affect the player they hit, but it will affect the player hitting as well.

New helmets are being introduced to the football world that causes the helmet to be more flexible; this allows the hit to the head to be absorbed instead of shaking the brain. But, it is a very expensive item.

Oddly, the NFL has promoted the helmet but has not given them to all teams, even with all of the money that they have. The helmets could cost as much as $15,000.

The football organization hopes to change dramatically over the next years to decrease injuries like Dylan Thomas, and keep the sport as safe as possible.