Women’s Basketball Looks to Grow


Synia Thrower, Mirada Staff

With the end of fall sports, winter sports are officially here.

Women’s basketball is one of the winter sports and they are hoping for a great season.

The coaches are hoping to be able to have a lot of girls to come and try out so that they can have a Freshman and JV team instead of combining them.

In recent years the Freshman teams have been extremely small so they’re looking for a much better turnout this year.

The teams will have returning coaches Shawn Steck (Varsity), Randy Ricci (JV), and newcomer Anton Escay as a assistant JV coach.

The season started on Nov. 6 and the JV and Freshman coach are still open to letting girls come out and try out.

Varsity’s first game was on Nov.27 at Dixon high school at 6 p.m, and JV has a tournament at Cordova High School on Nov. 30 at 4 p.m.

“I think it’s going to be a successful season because a lot of the girls on the team have the drive to succeed and do well,” said JV player Alyssa Escay.

The varsity team has a roster of 13 girls and two underclassmen Sydney Kringel and Katelyn Kamilos on the team as sophomores.

“It’s definitely an experience and I enjoy playing up on the higher level, it will help me in the future. It’s definitely challenging and takes a lot of hard work,” said Kamilos when asked about her experience so far on Varsity.

Practices are held six days a week from after school to 5:30 for Freshman and JV and after them varsity practices until 7:00.

The JV team also has a roster of 13 girls.

“I’m looking forward to all of us working together, I feel like we already have a good bond even though the season only started a few weeks ago,” said Escay.

The varsity seems to have a good bond between the lower and upper class men.

“I really do think we have a good bond, it’s a mixture of seniors, juniors and sophomores so we don’t all know each other that well but we are definitely growing closer as a team,” said Kamilos.

Both teams hope to have an amazing season and grow as individual players and as a team.