Team Captains Unite to Make Varsity Club


Gianna Arcolino, Distractions Editor

Varsity student athletes, leaders on and off the field representing their student body for the new Varsity Club. Leaders from every sports team, work together to put on fund raising events, boost team unity, and to increase team spirit.

In the club all of the teams are viewed as of equal importance and are uniting to become a stronger athletic body. Varsity Club President, senior Kyle Astleford states, “By getting a representative from every sports team it allows for an equal opportunity for everyone to be heard and lets them voice their opinion on what needs to be improved.”

Varsity Club works with their community to try to better the sports program through fundraising events and interactive activities. On Sept. 9 Varsity Club showed their drive to support Rio athletics by volunteering at the RAAB Auction.

The club focuses on strengthening these varsity representatives leadership skills so they can go back and use what they have learned to better their teams. Varsity Lacrosse representative, senior Katherine Lynch states, “Through the club we focus on the importance of leadership skills, so we can help our team be as involved and successful as possible.”

The club will continue to strengthen and represent the athletic student body paving the way for future athletes.