English Teacher is New Athletic Director


Malaya Cabrera

Cole Ramazzini and Nick Keller

Malaya Cabrera, the new athletic director, had quite the adventure leading up to her new job. Originally from growing up in southern California, to teaching at Stagg High School in Stockton, then to being a soccer coach at McNair High School, she finally wound up here.

“I graduated from University of Pacific, and was looking to move down south, but then this opportunity came up and it was my next calling of adventure,” said Cabrera.

Despite the heavy workload early on, she is enjoying her new her job. Cabrera said, “I love [my new job], it is a lot of paperwork, but it is a lot of fun meeting new people.”

Cabrera has had no problem fitting in with the new administration and students.

“I love working with kids and seeing how creative they are and in the classroom seeing athletes being determined,” said Cabrera. “The adults and administration are really nice.”

In addition to being the athletic director, Cabrera is also a teacher. “I am also an English teacher, however I can not teach math, I would be the worst math teacher,” said Cabrera.

Cabrera has no children but she already considers all 120 of her students as her own.

Sports have played a major role in Cabrera’s life. “I played soccer growing up for over 17 years, I ran track all the way through high school, my brothers played football, my sister played soccer as well,” said Cabrera.

“Sports have always been apart of my life and I know a lot about sports, so I thought athletic director would fit well,” said Cabrera.

Even though Cabrera loves soccer the most, she has a passion for many others as well. “If I were a boy I would play football, I also love baseball and basketball, but soccer is my ultimate favorite,” said Cabrera.

Not only is she dedicated to her student athletes, she also loves her dog Rudy. “He is not the brightest, but he wakes up next to me every morning and he is the best,” said Cabrera.

Cabrera has gotten off to a bright start with all the new people in her life and is fitting in as the new athletic director very smoothly. It is safe to say that our sports programs are in good hands for at least the near future.