Raiders Volleying Journey


For the past 9 years, Rio Americano’s Women’s Varsity Volleyball head coach, John Grix, has enjoyed his coaching career, and is still looking forward to this upcoming season. Coach Grix tells us all about his aspirations to see the team’s potential fulfilled this year.

On September 16, 2015 we interviewed Grix post game after winning against the Oakmont Vikings and he said the team had, “good chemistry on the court, lots of enthusiasm, and lots of energy.”

That night was their first win this season out of their three games so far. Although Grix also said they “had some struggles,” he added that the team is really young so they are still trying to figure things out in the near future.

This upcoming approach is about to be an exciting season for the Rio Americano Raiders.

Stephanie Keenan, a senior on the team and starting middle blocker also had exciting words to share about the team. Despite a slow start to the season Stephanie stated that, “our goal this year is to win the league.”

Keenan believes that the girls, “just need to get their chemistry down and continue to improve as a team,” in order to reach the ultimate goal of a league title.

It looks as if Rio volleyball has an exciting and successful season to look forward to this year.