Sacramento Eagles Unite Despite Traditional Rivalry Between Schools


The Sacramento Eagles rugby team is made up of a ragtag group of kids from
El Camino and Rio. With only two main coaches, an elementary school soccer field and few resources, its a wonder how this team keeps its flawless record.

This month they started the league off with a Kick Off Tournament where they played three teams and were undefeated.

The following week they played Del Campo and won 34-32, coming back from

over a 15 point deficit.
This season will be full of

difficult challenges such as Granite Bay and Cordova, however the most anticipat- ed game of the year will be against Jesuit on Feb. 14.

The Marauders have won multiple national champion- ships and have been playing rugby for years, unlike the Carmichael based club team, which is also full of players with far less experience than their private school counter- parts.

“This year they have the biggest and most vicious players in years.” Said Junior Nick Hryekewicz. “I think

our guys are used to having to fight for every yard and play with no substitutions, whereas the Jesuit Marauders throw in a brand new team every ten minutes to take advantage of the exhausted players.”

“They’re going to be a huge challenge, I just hope that we can keep up.” Said Senior Cameron Scott.

This year, due to the increased number of players, they will be sporting two varsity teams.

They will be promoting the veteran players of the Eagles into a higher ranking gold level league. At this

level the gold team will be playing the best of the best in the highest brackets in the region.

This will be an interest- ing season for the eagles, although they have the
best rugby players from El Camino and Rio, they are also venturing in uncharted waters as they enter the next level of rugby.

Last year the Eagles made it all the way to the playoffs; the future looks bright for the Eagles and hopefully they will once again reach playoffs and possibly the champion- ship.