Tennis in Dire Need of Court Renovations


Tennis coach Todd Freund

Ivy Reich, Mirada Staff

While every other sport team, gets to enjoy the advantage and familiarity of playing at the school, unfortunately for the women’s tennis team, they are unable to play at home.

Despite the lack of a home court, the women’s tennis team season has been going smooth.

“We start league next week and I am very excited,” Senior Lexi Goldwyn said.  “I think we have a very strong team and stand a good chance of winning league this year”.

With a positive attitude going into the season, the team will hopefully be able to have a strong season.

Recently the school has been granted funds through voter-approved initiative Measure N.  As of now, this money is proposed to go towards a new band room and towards the PE department.

With this newfound money, why not spend some of it towards the tennis courts, totally refurbish them, making them able to meet the USTA regulations.

The tennis courts at  school have been built facing the wrong direction, so it makes playing tennis totally unfair.

“This year our home courts are at Carmichael Park, which is a nice facility and is close enough,” senior Cleary Chizmar said.

While Carmichael park is not the home court, some of the girls prefer it over the schools courts.

“The schools tennis courts do not meet regulation,” Chizmar said.  “The team has been banned by the USTA from playing matches at the school due to their broken nets, cracks, and the fact that they face the sun”.

If these courts could be fixed up, the team would then be able to play their home games at the school like every other sport.

“It would make a huge difference if we could play at home, it would be nice to play where all our other sports teams play, and I feel like we would get a ton more support from the student body,” Goldwyn said.

Support from the student body can play a huge role in the success of every sport.

With students coming to cheer and support the team, the girls would be motivated to win every match and make their supporters proud.

The improved tennis courts would not only make the tennis teams happier, but it would bring support which would hopefully bring a higher chance of success.

Fixing the eyesore courts would contribute to higher school spirit and would allow the school to gather around one of the perennially successful teams.

Rearranging and resurfacing the tennis courts seems like one of the most simple and most rewarding ways to materialize the Measure N funds.