The Silent Workers Supporting America


Natalia Hurtzig-Lopez, Guest Writer

When Cesar Lopez was only eight years old, his mother passed away in a car crash. His fivesisters and brother were left alone with his grandmother. They decided that the best option would be to move from Mexico to the United States to live a better life.

For the rest of his life, Cesar worked in construction and paid taxes. He became a resident in 2007 and a citizen in 2012.

A large number of people tend to believe that immigrants are messy, criminal, ill-educated, and unskilled people who just make things worse. However, most immigrants who arrive in America come here for a good cause and end up helping our economy and society.

The current president of the United States is known for his xenophobia. He believes immigrants should be sent directly back to their countries of origin without a chance to go to court.

Immigrants help our economy tremendously by taking jobs people do not want. However, due to stereotypes, immigrants are seen as bad and many people believe that they hurt America’s economy.

Immigrants help our economy and society in many ways. They help by by taking the jobs people do not want. Most immigrants who take the hard jobs did not attend college nor receive a degree.

36 percent of immigrants work in fishing and farming occupations, another 36 percent work in cleaning and maintenance, 29 percent in textile and apparel manufacturing, 24 percent in construction, and more.

As this shows, immigrants take a huge part in our economy. They are the reason many grocery stores have fresh fruit, vegetables, and food.

Cesar Lopez is an example of an immigrant who works in construction and lives in America. They work in harsh conditions and keep working even though there is a pandemic and wildfires. They do not take jobs from Americans, they fill in the ones people do not want.

As mentioned before, immigrants are often seen as criminals, messy and uneducated. Donald Trump believes they should be directly sent back with no opportunity of going to court. He has said they “should be sent back immediately to where they came from” because they are “breaking into” the United States. He also says “Strong Borders, No Crime!”

The president is set on the idea that illegal immigrants are criminals and are here to cause trouble. However, illegal immigrants come to America with the idea of finding a job to help feed their families and for a better life.

Cesar Lopez came to America because he lost his mother and because it was the best choice for his family. While living in America, he found jobs and worked to help pay his grandmother’s bills. 8 percent of immigrants’ income goes to paying US taxes, which is another way they help the economy. Although many immigrants are not American citizens, they pay taxes just like everyone else because they want to be able to stay here and feed their family. Immigrants work and pay taxes but many people still seem to see them as criminals.

The only immigrants who are “welcomed” now are the ones who came from Europe in the past, because they contributed in many ways to the economy and society we have today. But immigrants who are coming from poor countries are “unskilled” and “uneducated,” which causes discriminating accusations and lessens chances for immigrants to be a part of the economy.

Although most immigrants do not have a college degree and dropped out of high school, their children usually tend to graduate college with a four-year degree. While some immigrants do not have a great education or come from poor countries, it does not indicate how smart or skilled they are, or how much effort they put into their work.

All in all, immigrants help our economy by filling in jobs that are not wanted and by paying taxes. Due to stereotypes, they are unwanted in America by many.

It is unfair to say illegal immigrants are criminals and are breaking into the country when most of them are hard-working people who just want the best for their future and for their family.

Cesar Lopez was an example of immigrants coming for a good cause. He was an illegal immigrant once but he worked hard and became a citizen in 2012.

Cesar Lopez is my father.