Students Have Trouble Adapting to New Online Classes


Sumaya Mayaar, Guest Writer

Since school closed because of COVID-19, the district switched to online classes. It is hard for students to adapt to this new way of learning.

Students have trouble teaching themselves and easily get stressed and are not mentally and emotionally ready for teaching themselves. Stressing over their grades and how they will learn the lessons,
Teenagers are not mentally and emotionally healthy.

Some live overwhelmed—and often alone with so many other things going on in their lives. It is hard to understand someone’s situation and putting yourself in their shoes. How can students stay mentally strong and do their school work when they are falling apart and every day becomes harder for them to survive?

How can they deal with their emotions when no one can understand them and make them feel better? School was an excuse to avoid those emotions and see their friends and feel better. With school closing, it’s hard to keep the emotions inside. There are students that go through so much negativity in their surroundings.

And now online school is hard for them and it is less effective. Being in school person with teachers and other students creates social pressures and benefits that can help motivate students to engage.

Students who struggled in person are struggling online more. Its important that teachers understand what students know and what they don’t know, as well as how to help them learn new material.

In the online setting, students may have more distractions and less oversight—which can reduce their motivation.

A lot of students are not learning and they just do their work to get that grade because the grade seems more acceptable then what you actually learn.

Personally I am struggling in geometry because I can’t learn it just by three or four pages of slides and then have to take the quiz and tests. Its really stressing me out sometimes because I didn’t learn the lessons well and at the same time, I have to keep my grades up.

I am really thankful for the teachers that try to not put to much stress on students and care more about their mental and emotional health because we are going through crises and how we should pretend that nothing is happening and avoid all problems in our lives and do really good on online school.