Bored? Things to Do During The Coronavirus Shut-In

School from march 17 to April 13 is closed and students are unable to attend classes. The district isn’t allowing teachers to assign new projects so once you have finished your homework here are a few things you can do during the coronavirus shut in.


Photo By Nicolas Gorman

An empty Rio Americano classroom as students transition to “distance learning.”

Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff


  1. Read. This may seem boring at first however once you have watched what seems like all the content on Tik Tok this idea isn’t too bad. You can go outside and escape from all the noise of the internet.
  2. Listen to some music. Whether you’re into rap, country, pop, or classical this is the time to download all the albums you have been dying to listen to too and learn every song because you have the time.
  3. Catch up on Netflix. Netflix has just come out with new episodes of, On My Block and Elite, and they even have a new show called Love is Blind. 
  4. Listen to a podcast. Try and listen to something upbeat that will distract you from what’s going on like Zane and Heath Unfiltered or try something insightful like Invisibilia.
  5. Make a list of things you know. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the outside world make a list of things you know for certain and that are in your control rather than what is outside of your control.
  6. Drink water. This may sound dumb but you feel better when you drink water rather than having no water at all or just relying on energy drinks or coffee. 
  7. Sleep. During school everyone is stressed and has to stay up till all hours to try and get a project done but now you can sleep in and just have basic time management. 
  8. Facetime a friend. Scroll through your contacts and try to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while because more likely than not they are just as bored as you are. 
  9. Cook or bake. If you are hungry try out a new recipe and try to make it with your family so you all can enjoy it.
  10. Talk to your family. A majority of companies, and universities are closed due to the virus so take the time that you would spend on your phone and have a conversation with them.
  11. Get creative. Go back to childhood favorites like forts, games, and coloring books; now I know coloring books are childish but they are proven to keep people calm.
  12. Don’t watch the news on loop. Watching the news on loop will drive you crazy just watch it periodically, stay informed but do not watch it every minute of the day.

These are just simple things that you can do to keep your mind off the virus. During these uncertain times trying to keep calm, have a level head, and using common sense is vital for every person to use.