Worth Having a Slice of the Pizza

Ezra Jaffe, Guest Writer

Located at 4314 Marconi Ave and open Tuesday through Sunday, the fresh restaurant 19 Slices Pizza and Grill provides varied food choices, with pizza and hamburgers being their top selling point. This sit-down experience challenges neighboring fast food restaurants with reasonable priced food.

With the name of the restaurant emphasizing pizza, the immediate food selection would

be their handcrafted pizzas. 19 Slices gives customers complete control over their pizzas. One

can choose to craft their own or select a “19 Slices Signature Pizza”. For all pizzas, there are two

sizes: 12 inch and 16 inch. The 12 inch cashes in at $9.99 while the 16 inch is $16.99. The

consumer crafted pizzas have a wide variety of sauces, cheeses, toppings, and finishes. The

decision of what to add onto the pizza may seem daunting since everything added on is free. The

price of the pizza is the size selected with no extra charges. The signature pizzas’ toppings are

preselected so no difficult choices must be made.

The reasonable price may be attractive, but the true test comes from the pizza’s taste. The

crisp crust and bread of their pizza is delicious and filling. The mozzarella cheese tastes like,

well, how typical mozzarella tastes. The part of the pizza that stands out from other

establishments is the marinara sauce. The marinara carries a taste similar to spaghetti sauce,

which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for some people. This provides a different tasting pizza than

traditional pizzerias. Personally, the taste of the sauce was subpar. The liking of the pizza will all depend on if you like a spaghetti sauce tastes on their pizza.

The true gem of 19 Slices is their “100% Fresh Beef” hamburgers. The burgers are priced

affordably at $4.99 for a hamburger, $5.99 for a cheeseburger, and $7.99 for a bacon

cheeseburger. Similar to the custom pizzas, all toppings are free excluding extra cheese and

meat. This allows the customer to create their ideal burger at a reasonable price. The burger itself

is absolutely delicious. The beef patty is thick and flavorful. The buns have a wonderful

crispness with every bite. The unlimited toppings only add to the scrumptious flavor of the meat.

These burgers melt in the mouth and are a delight to consume. It is often difficult to find a well-

made, flavorsome burger at an affordable price. These burgers taste fresher than fast food ones

and are at relatively similar prices. With a $5 entry point, these burgers are a fantastic deal for

one of the best burgers around.

The restaurant itself provides a wonderful experience for dining. The relative feel of the

inside is a retro diner. It’s small and compact while still feeling spacious. Even while being in a

relatively small building, there was never any difficulty hearing others at the table. The kitchen is

placed far enough away to diffuse the noise of the grilling burgers. The employees are incredibly

polite and friendly. There are multiple televisions in the seating area, but they weren’t loud or

distracting. The overall experience inside wasn’t anything tremendously special, but there’s also

nothing to complain about.

19 Slices Pizza and Grill is a brilliant new restaurant in Sacramento that’s definitely

worth a visit. The pizzas have a unique taste at a great price while the burgers are an absolute

steal with their tastiness.