Sims Review


Samantha Baccelli, Mirada Staff

The Sims has gone through several stages from Sims 1 all the way to Sims 4. The first of the games first of many versions was released in the early 2000 and instantly became a success. The most recent version of the game has been available for five years now.

Sims is a virtual reality game where you are able to create an avatar and control its life. Sims 4 had a rough start at the beginning of its creation with the removal of pools and toddlers from the game.  

With the backlash of the creation of the latest game, EA released an update rectifying its errors. After that the sale begin the increased to the expected amount. Unlike The Sims 3, The Sims 4 got rid of many loading problems and glitches making it easier to play.

There are three parts of the game. Create a sim mode, is where you create what your sims looks like and what they wear for all different situations. Live mode is the part of the game where you live out all of your wildest fantasies via your sim. Build mode is where you can build your houses and the town that you live in.

The Sims has increased its graphics drastically from The Sims 3. The artistic style has completely changed from trying to be a realistic as possible to being a little more cartoonish. Personally I prefer the more cartoon style instead of the art style of the previous games.

The game is very user friendly. The controls are easy to find and use. The understanding of the game and the intricacies is easy to comprehend.

The game has every aspect of game play that you could ever want. There are lots of different jobs and skill activities that you can fill your sims time with. You can do anything from owning a five star restaurant to being a CEO of a company.

You can chose an aspiration that your sim will spend its whole life working toward. With the fulfilling of your sims goals you can earn points to buy things to make your sims life easier.

Your sims also have to do basic needs that they must fulfill like sleeping, eating, hygiene, blader, social, and fun. You must keep your sim needs full so that they stay alive, which is harder than it might sound.

There is also Mods and CC that you can add to your game. Mods allow for added gameplay that has not yet been put into the game by the creators. CC allows for new objects, clothing, makeup, hair, and many other things.

This aspect allows you to add things that you want to the game and interact with other players. It allows people to be creative and have fun doing something that they love.

Balancing all the aspects of your sims lifes is a fun challenge that will keep you on the edge. The is a little of something for everyone in this game. When you use your imagination, anything is possible in The Sims.