The Wall That Divides Us


Mickey Doolittle , Mirada Staff

“The conservatives are destroying the country.” “Those liberals are the reason for all of our countries’ problems.” These types of phrases encompass the beliefs of too many Americans today.

As the extreme political divide of our country grows, both left and right become more and more at odds. Extreme liberalism and conservatism that have no capacity for listening to one another has taken root, and does our country a disservice.

I have explained this many times to friends who do not listen to the opposite side and nearly every time their response is “of course we should hear each other out.” Their actions show otherwise and this is hypocritical and a blatant lie.

Examples driving this extreme gap is President Donald Trump. His name-calling, lack of understanding and impulsiveness are all negative parts of his character. Trump may be one of the most polarizing figures of our time, which does not bode well for a divided country.

However, Democrats can’t find anything good about this president. Sure, he is not the politically-correct role model leader we would want him to be, but as he should be knocked for his faults, we should also acknowledge his achievements.

Some of his so-called “wins” include a booming economy, an undeniable titanic decrease in illegal immigration, record highs in minority-owned businesses and unemployment at nearly a 50-year low.

These have gone mostly unacknowledged, especially in liberal-dominated areas.

An example of hypocrisy from both sides is when Bill Clinton proposed a border wall (much like Trump’s) in 1995. Conservatives were up in arms saying it was a waste of money, when in fact they are the ones proposing a very similar structure today.

Another factor contributing to the divide is the media. Although the president has popularized the term “fake news,” the phrase “slanted news” suits the situation better.

It is apparent that sources like Fox News and CNN lean their coverage to favor their political interests. This means if someone supports the right, all a liberal news source sees is more conservatives speaking out against liberals.

This causes a lack of understanding between the two parties, which deepens the political divide.

Ultimately, many Americans lack the ability to “agree to disagree” and find common ground. The 2009 election between John McCain and Barack Obama is a recent and golden example of how the two parties should treat one another.

Despite their varying beliefs, the two respected each other and listened. Out of this came a relationship where the two found common ground and ultimately gained something through that understanding.

When President Trump gave his State of the Union address Tuesday, he shared how woman makeup 58% of the new jobs in the US. Republicans and Democrats. Just for a moment, members of congress stood united as Americans.

So, next time a friend or acquaintance makes a comment disagreeing with your point of view, do not denounce it immediately.