Save the Smoke for Home

Unknown, Mirada Saff

Teen vaping has become an epidemic across the nation. Within the last few years vaping has taken hold of the lives of unsuspecting teens at an alarming rate.

Although tobacco products are designated for adults 21+, it’s almost easier nowadays for minors to gain access to it through their peers.

New tobacco devices like Juuls and Suorins have taken over the tobacco industry enticing teens with flavors like fruit medley, mango, mint, cucumber, etc. They are also easy to disguise because of their portable size and appearance.

Most Juuls strongly resemble flash drives and can be charged on any USB device.

Many parents have taken great concern at the growing epidemic calling for tobacco companies to stop targeting their children with their tempting flavors. New anti-tobacco campaigns have shown up on TV’s and billboards to stop the spread of underage tobacco use.

The FDA has even threatened to pull e-cigarettes off of store shelves to fight teen vaping.

Hundreds of teens have already started to feel the beginning of a long lasting nicotine addiction. Some teens have even begun struggling with withdrawals from their nicotine devices during the school day resulting in vaping in school bathrooms.

Recently teens have developed the “bright” idea to smoke in school facilities. Not only is this inappropriate but it has begun to affect the school environment.

Most e-tobacco devices have little scent and relatively transparent smoke making it almost impossible to detect.

Smoking in the bathrooms has caused multiple fire alarms to go off on a somewhat often basis. This has begun interrupting class time and free time like lunch and break.

One example was during rush week; students were advertising their clubs when they were rudely interrupted by the fire alarm going off, due to the smoking issue.

Students are so addicted to their juul that they can’t go a school day without it. Any free time they have to take just one hit, they grab the chance.

It is extremely easy for teens to become addicted to anything.

This addiction that teens have is no longer just affecting themselves, but the whole school. When people hear the fire alarm students immediately think “Oh, someone must be smoking again”.

Students miss out on opportunities to learn something new because of other people’s stupid choices.

Not only does this affect the school day, it also wastes time for administration and even the fire department. Every time a fire alarm goes off and firefighters have to show up the school has to pay a pretty expensive fine.

Some people think that just because you smoke you are “cool”, which is definitely not true.

People who choose not to smoke are labeled as a goody-to-shoes. Although this may not be a bad label to have why should they be labeled just because they choose not to smoke?

Save the smoke for your own time, and keep the rest of the school out of it.