Democracy Under Attack


The United States was founded on amendments to protect the freedoms of Americans. One of these freedoms is the freedom of the press.

After years of hate speech attacking the credibility of the press, 300 news publications across the nation joined together to denounce his ongoing slander. The goal of this project wasn’t against Trump’s administration’s agenda. It was against his threat to the First Amendment.

The Boston Globe asked editorial boards around the U.S., of all sizes and political affiliations, to address the threat that Trump poses to one of the fundamental rights of the nation.

If publications don’t blatantly agree with the President’s policies, they’re deemed “fake news” and called “the enemy of the people”.

Following the shooting at the Capital Gazette, which killed five people, Trump’s words claiming that journalists and journalism are the enemy of the people must be taken seriously. It’s no longer hateful banter; there have been serious consequences because of his ignorance.

With all the scandals and confusion that has ensued during the Trump presidency, it is more important now than ever before that Americans know exactly what their leaders are doing and what dangers are out there. Trump’s attack on the press aims to cover up the criminality of what is truly going on. He has made journalists the scapegoats for his corruption.

Press keeps society safe by not being complicit and believing everything said by a person in power. The press questions everything and pursues the truth for the best interest of the country.

Journalists and editors do make mistakes. Sometimes stories are underplayed or overplayed and sometimes not everything is correct and the public has a right to hold journalists accountable, but decrying truths you don’t like and calling them ‘fake news’ is a threat to democracy.

The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, MSNBC and others are constantly criticized for being liberal. This doesn’t mean their articles aren’t publishing the truth. Refusing to read a publication because of an undertone of liberal or conservative bias is one of the things destroying the freedom of the press. All points of view must be represented and respected and journalism is a key component to preserving this.

In modern times news tends to swing to one side, but that should not overshadow the story. The public needs to look beyond their political affiliation and listen to what the press is saying.

The First Amendment is a key component of the American Dream. It inspires countries abroad and has shaped the course of American history.

Journalism is the first draft of history. It uncovers the truth and exposes corruption. It keeps people honest and keeps America safe. Journalism is the reason America is great.

The press is not the enemy; they are the savior