Teenagers and Sleep

Emily Borg , Mirada Staff

The all-nighters that students pull to meet a deadline for an assignment affects their overall health in a tremendous way.

Not only does having sleep deprivation make students want to sleep in class, it also may cause their immune systems to not fight off the invaders that enter the body.

While students are asleep their brains start to form connections that will help remember and process new information that enters the brain. Overtime, if students continue to be deprived of sleep, it can possibly impact their memories.

Students stay up late at night for a many reasons; some more important than others. Whether it’s studying for upcoming exams and projects, finishing a last minute assignment, or checking their their social media feed, students have many distractions that get in the way of their sleep.

“My lack of sleep mainly comes from balancing school with sports,” said sophomore Katelyn Kamilos. “Some nights I don’t have an option, but to stay up and do my homework.”

Having a lack of sleep also affects how well you can stay focused on assignments.

“My daily routine is to fall asleep at 10 p.m.,” said sophomore Alyssa Christopher. “If I do I’m able to wake up around  6:30 am, and I have more energy during the school day.”

Many students on campus can drive, and being behind the wheel the wheel with little sleep is extremely dangerous. Driving requires not only concentration but responsibility.  A study by the National Sleep Foundation was shown that 100,000 or more vehicle accidents was caused by drowsiness.

Not only does a lack of sleep affect one’s driving it also affects their participation during class. If tired, many students will take a nap in class.

“Because of my large amount of homework I am usually unable to get a good amount of sleep which makes it hard for me to function at school,” said sophomore Samantha Klein. If you are not awake in class how will you know what was being discussed, how will you know what assignments you will have to complete, will you even know what you are learning in that particular class? A lack of sleep causes student to miss assignments; therefore, causing their overall grades to drop.

“I take a nap in almost every class which means that I end up doing more work at home and up later at night” said sophomore Noah Vanderkar.

As teenagers, we already have enough mood changes, but having a lack of sleep will cause students to have lots more.

One’s lack of balance may also be affected by being deprived from sleep. One can simple go to the kitchen for a snap while pulling an all-nighter and fall and hit their head due to the fact that they are so sleep deprived that they can not tell where a table is.

If students were not to wait to the last minute to study for a big test are to finish a project they will not be putting our lives and the lives of those around us at risk.


When students are deprived from sleep, several incidents can occur. Be smart, and give your body the rest that is needs and deserves.