Royal Wedding

Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

Every girl dreams of being a princess with the big ball gown and church wedding. But for american actress Meghan Markle it is a reality.

Markle would only be the second American in history to marry into the royal family. The only other woman was Wallis Simpson however she never received the title of HRH because he had to abdicate the throne to marry her.

Personally I don’t like that an American is marrying into the royal family. However I do think if anyone was going to marry an American it would have been Harry.

The royal family is an english emblem for strength, poise, and hope for the people of England. She is without a doubt beautiful inside and out but I have mixed feeling about an American marrying into the family.

I am always up for a royal wedding, when William and Kate got married and I was thrilled and I am still excited for this one. I just can’t get over that she is American and that is brand new for all of the English.

However if they are happy they can do what they like but they have to understand that they have made all of America swoon and made the English open up.

I am worried that all of the traditions that are upheld will be altered and I am up for changes but traditions that are centuries old should be upheld like the kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

Although I may not like the fact that this is new I think if the two of them are happy who should stop them? No one, but for me it will take some time to get use to like when Kate came into the family.

I am excited to watch the wedding it will be absolutely beautiful and scenic and I am sure she will be just as beautiful if not more.

It is traditional for the men to wear there army suits so between her in a beautiful white gown and him in his suit, pure beauty.

I do hope that they will do something different than William and Kate because they went very traditional so I can’t wait see what these two do.

Not only should the venue be beautiful but the guest list typically ranges from the Dukes and famous to the rich and famous. It will be a wedding of who’s who and who’s wearing what. For women it is tradition for them to wear extravagant hats and a more simple dress. For men, only tuxes will do. I am also excited to hear what their after party will be like because it is traditional for the wedding party to have two cakes and then as a party favor to send guest home with a slice, even the royals love food as much as us.

I hope the two step outside the normal and traditonal wedding and do it their way because no one else can. Overall I am happy and excited for the new couple and wish them the best.