Bhad Bhabie

Katelyn Roat and Cierra Mason

When you think about what 15 year old girls do, you think of studying and mall trips. However that is not the case for Danielle Bregoli, or as most know her as the “catch me outside” girl.

Early in 2017 when the video of Bregoli on the Dr. Phil show went viral, it caused the internet to go wild. There were remixes with the words “cash me outside”, memes, and funny videos. Everyone was saying it.

That is where the five minutes of fame seemed to have stopped for Bregoli. However, months later she released a song under the rapper name “Bhad Bhabie”. The song, “These Heaux” is extremely autotuned and repeats the same lyrics over and over.

I could not even imagine saying such vulgar words to a group of people at such a young age, nevermind the entire world.

Speaking of vulgar language, on Dr. Phil she repeatedly acts extremely disrespectful to her mom. She also tested positive for marijuana and Xanax. I could never imagine being on drugs or even a hint of disrespectful to my mom, or at least I would get grounded or slapped.

She even has been banned from Spirit Airlines for getting into a fight with another passenger. However, that is not the only fight that has been spread across the news.

At Coachella during mid-April, she got into a fight with internet sensations Lil Tay and Woah Vicky. There were multiple stories about the fight coming from Lil Tay and Woah Vicky.

As horrible as Bregoli may act, Lil Tay, who is nine years old, acts ten times worse than Bregoli acts.

But back to Bregoli’s music. She’s has had three songs on Billboard Top 100, these songs including;  “Gucci Flip-Flops” featuring Lil Yachty, “Hi Bich”, and and “These Heaux”.

In all honesty, it’s pretty impressive that a 15 year old can manage to get three songs to get on the charts, and even to have a well known rapper featured one of the songs.

On top of her songs becoming successful, she has also been nominated for her first Billboard Music Award as top female rapper. Her competitors being Cardi B and Nicki Minaj.

Though her first song mentioned above was terrible, the vocals heavily autotuned and repeats the word “hoe” in what seems like every line; you can tell that she improved her music with her recent song “Gucci Flip-flops”.

Bregoli’s recent song is extremely catchy. Multiple times I have caught myself singing it in the middle of class even though I dislike her other music. She has learned how to catch a listener’s attention and keep them hooked and singing along.

She’s on tour right now, planning on stopping at Sacramento on the 30th of May. Tickets are $22, and the meet in greet is $103. In my opinion, spending $103 on meeting any celebrity is a waste of money. Nonetheless meeting her for $103 is more than ridiculous.

I would like to applaud the way she used the media’s attention to her advantage and made a career for herself, but some of the things she has done with that attention are just morally wrong.

Overall, she is not a celebrity I like, nor think anyone else should look up to.