Why Animal Shelters Should be No Kill

Cierra Mason and Katelyn Roat

About eight million animals enter shelters each year, and only about five million make it out alive. That number may not sound like a lot, but it is almost three million animals being put down every year.

One percent of the animals get put down because they aren’t healthy nor treatable.This is shocking because humans love their furry companions, some times more than other human companions, so why do we put them down while they are perfectly healthy?

The reason they put these animals down is simply because they cannot find a home for them. This has been an ongoing problem that cannot be easily fixed.

Ads and articles do not always come to people’s attention, and if they do, they are only gaining sympathy and not people willing to protest for animal shelters being no kill or going to adopt an animal of their own.

There are already staggering statistics that show nearly half of the cats in the United States who enter traditional shelters are put down while perfectly healthy.

It is like throwing away a book because it is taking up space. The book is perfectly fine, someone would surely want it, yet its fate is to waste in the trash until it is completely destroyed.

Shelters such as Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary and Friends Forever A Cat Sanctuary are no kill shelters that keep the cats until adoption or a peaceful and needed death like when a certain animal gets sick and their sickness is untreatable.

Shelters like these are dedicated to saving the lives of animals and promoting adoption, unlike the ordinary shelters who attempt to get animals adopted, but wouldn’t mind having to kill them if they do not get adopted or/and there is to little space in their shelter to hold one animal for to long.

No kill shelters are also more humane, which adds a good reputation to their business as anyone should know that killing an animal is not something humane or necessary at any time.

Animal shelters should be no kill because it promotes people to adopt there. If people in search to adopt hear that a certain animal shelter is no kill, they would naturally feel that such a place is more reputable than some other shelter that does not explain such details.

No kill sanctuaries are like organic foods, and ordinary shelters are like frozen food. People are more likely to go to a no kill shelter because they like that they don’t kill animals, much like people like organic food.

This idea also goes for volunteers, and the more volunteers working at these places, the more likely the word will spread and thus more people will want to help. Because no one would want to work at an animal shelter knowing that maybe one day the animals they enjoy helping and playing with may be killed without any real reason.

And that is the worst kind of evil.