“Joji” Takes Control In New Single

The cover of Joji’s debut album “In Tongues” depicts him drowning, just as the songs demonstrate his internal conflict regarding love.

The cover of Joji’s debut album “In Tongues” depicts him drowning, just as the songs demonstrate his internal conflict regarding love.

Nick Manko, Staff Writer

After suffering from the leaking of his private songs George Miller, under the stage name “Joji,” decided to take control of his career and identity for himself.

He released the single “Will He” on Oct. 17, which quickly sailed to the top of Spotify’s “Viral” chart, and remained there until his debut album “In Tongues” was released on Nov. 3.

The album itself was very nice. The songs seemed appropriate for rainy days and post-breakup mourning. An impressive first album, it is definitely worth the listen.

Some of the songs were a little too similar, and it would have been preferable to hear more of a variety. However, overall each song was well-done.

1. Will He
The first song in the EP album that was released as a single right before the debut of the album to hype up the drop of the long awaited EP from George Miller, “Will He” will put you in a sad, gloomy mood. The song sounds depressing, having a sad piano sample playing. It also contains a percussion loop reminiscent of Trap Hip Hop and is accompanied with Joji singing about a lover who left him. The lyrics explain how he hopes that her new lover will hopefully do things that he did to her, mostly positive things like “sing songs to her” and “caress her”, but he does admit that he treated her poorly at times. In general, the song is depressing and really sets the glum aesthetic of the album.

2. Pills
The next song starts off with an experimental type percussion loop and a nice sounding guitar sample. The song itself is very nice and is once again sung by Joji. The song is about how Joji really needs his lover back. Lyrics like “Please don’t run away”, “I need you back”, and “I don’t why I feel this way” really solidify his mournful feelings towards his now lost lover.
3. Demons
Beginning with a trap type beat and with a simple chord progression, the track talks about Joji’s struggle with his inner demons and how his lover doesn’t really understand him. This song implies that he is trying to reassure her at the same time to keep her by his side. The song is very beautiful especially the beautiful piano snippet that resolves the song.

4. Windows
A beautiful sad sounding piano sample is accompanied by a trap beat in this song. It is more alive sounding and upbeat than its previous tracks as the beat feels something you could “turn up to” per say. The lyrics talk about how he watches the world around him and nature do its thing and how it feels better in his dreams. The song’s lyrics closely resemble Travis Scott’s “Anecdote”. The studio version the song differs from the Boiler Room performance of the track as the lyrics are different and track is transposed a bit down but it still is beautiful. Definitely something you should listen to on a rainy day.

5. Bitter F***
The song is about Joji’s self evaluations and talks about how is lover made it seem like he’s bitter and cynical. It seems like these adjectives don’t describe who he really is and all of these evaluations are due to his ex-lover. The song is very nice sounding and fits the theme of the album.

6. Worldstar Money
The final track pays homage to Joji’s Soundcloud career as he started off just posting tracks on the internet without belonging to a record label. The song is very beautiful and is an excellent interlude to the album. The song is about questioning your mental state and love. The sample Miller used includes him playing the ukulele, which creates a beautiful sound.