Starbucks Reserve Bar Redefines Coffee


Photo By Katherine Huggins

The Starbucks Reserve Bar is located at the intersection of 7th St and K St downtown.

Katherine Huggins, Features Editor

Starbucks Reserve Bars, a Seattle-based concept boasting premium, small-batch coffee is now in Sacramento. The brand new bar is located downtown and serves seven dollar cups of coffee to a continuous line of customers.

The menu currently includes the Nitro Cascara Cloud, the Iced Vanilla Creme Anglaise Macchiato, and Hazelnut Blanco Latte (all of which cost $5.50 for a grande).

The bar offers affogatos, espresso poured over vanilla ice cream for about six dollars. Another ice cream and coffee combination, the Nitro Cold Brew Float, is the most expensive item-priced at nine dollars.

The float, while not bad, does not taste like a nine dollar product. The ice cream is creamy and sweet, but nothing special.

For coffee aficionados, the boldness of the espresso is unparalleled, but to most tastes bitter. This drink might be a fun novelty to try once, but for recurring purchases, there are cheaper and better drinks to choose from.

For someone who wants a sweet, creamy coffee, there is the Americano con Crema. Offering a good contrast of strong coffee and sweet cream, this drink is a must try.

However it is important to stir this drink (and any others containing cream) prior to consumption, since the cream separates and sinks to the bottom- leaving only bitterness on the top.

The reserve bar does make drinks from the classic Starbucks menu, including non-coffee beverages.

But aside from its menu, the reserve bar differs from a traditional Starbucks in its atmosphere, customer service, and quality of products.

The bar boasts ambient lighting, an open floor plan, and comfy, modern furniture to sit and relax in.

Employees wear crisp button-downs underneath their black aprons and provide impeccable customer service.

Each barista is extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions about the menu and take an extra few seconds to spell their customers’ names correctly.

The price is high, the product quality is higher. Not only is the coffee itself bolder and the cream richer, but the to-go cups themselves are made of reusable plastic, though this likely isn’t the best for the environment.

A wide variety of a crowd comes there, and customers range from full-blown hipsters to businessmen grabbing a mid-day drink.

Its central location downtown ensures lots of business, and as the nearby Golden1 Center gains patrons, the nearby reserve bar will too.

There are often loiterers and homeless people who hang out by the Starbucks, but they have not bothered customers, and police presence is high.

Overall, the new Starbucks Reserve Bar ensures a positive experience for coffee lovers.

The only drawbacks are the high costs of certain drinks and long line to order.

So if you’re ever downtown and have an extra $7 or so to spare, head over to the reserve bar at 7th and K any weekday beginning at 5 a.m. (weekends at 6 a.m.) until 11 p.m. to try this new Starbucks trend for yourself.

Just remember to be patient trying to find a parking spot and waiting in line, and don’t forget to stir your drink.