Happy Death Day Kills Box Office


Zoie Kabir, Staff Writer

Happy Death Day directed by Christopher B. Landon is everything you would want in a Halloween movie.

Its silly, scary, it fulfills the want to see a good slasher movie, and some might say it even has some life lessons. No doubt it’s very similar to the film Groundhog Day, but it gives the once dead slasher genre a new life.

For those who haven’t seen the movie it’s about a college student Theresa, played by Jessica Rothe, who lives in a sorority and she must keep reliving the day she is murdered and that day just also happens to be her birthday.

Definitely not the best birthday present in the world.

It starts with storming out of a dorm owned by Carter, rejecting a cupcake from her best friend, ignoring a birthday phone call, hanging out with her crued sorority sisters at lunch, watching TV, then leaving for her surprise party afterwards where she is met by her killer.

The killer wears a black hood and a baby mask and he/she wields not only a knife, but also finds and envisions new ways to kill the victim.

She is killed multiple times, as her death day becomes looped. When she wakes up, she realizes it is the day before once again.

At first she is confused, because she had been murdered but then the events of the day before happen all over again in chronological order.

She goes through the day again only to be murdered once more and as she wakes up in a panic, she realizes what’s going on and she has to change her fate.

As the movie goes on, she tries to outwit her murderer by murdering the murderer.

This didn’t really work out in her favor as she literally kept dying. The creators of the film have found clever and new ways to kill her character off, to then bring her back to life.

One major concept they failed at, was giving the infamous killer a big reveal.

It was more thrown out there like “Oh I’m the killer.”

I spoke to some of the other moviegoers and some said that it was very predictable for them, and they figured out who the killer was before the movie ended.

Happy Death Day was a movie drenched in a myriad of colors and one most important color being red.

Along with the visual aspects of the movie the audible aspects were even better.

The sounds were up-close-and-personal, they kept you on the edge of your seat, and it captured the essence of the victim and the killer.

Eventually, in the end of the movie Theresa figures out who her killer is and is able to move on with her life.

I definitely would recommend this as a good Halloween movie. Even though it is somewhat predictable, it is still worth the watch.