Patriot Serves Up Good Grub


Photo By Kaitlyn Shellooe

The Patriot serves up classic American dishes.

Kaitlyn Shellooe, News Editor

The Patriot is an American restaurant with a friendly atmosphere and great food.

The Patriot opened in July at the Milagro Centre, on Fair Oaks Blvd. Even though the place isn’t fairly new, the people’s social and work skills seemed like they’ve been working there for years.

When I walked through the door I was instantly greeted by the hostess and was seated immediately. As soon as we sat down a waiter came over to ask us our drink order.

I ordered an appetizer called the scallop crudo, which had citrus, frisee, radish, jalapeno oil, and micro shisho. The appetizer was really good and was displayed beautifully but it is very pricey ($16).

After we finished the appetizer we order our entrees. My mom ordered the fungi pizza, which had cultivated mushrooms, aged gruyere, roasted shallots, cream, and fine herbs. If you love mushrooms then I’d recommend this pizza; it was overloaded with mushrooms.

I got their Patriot pastrami sandwich, which was their specialty. It had pork belly pastrami, cabbage, pickled jalapenos, and Russian dressing all on a brioche bun.

I enjoyed the sandwich a lot, but it was very filling.

I had a quarter of it and the sandwich filled me up, the pizza was a big portion as well, so be prepared to take home a lot of leftovers.

The service was great, the staff walked by a lot and would make sure your food was perfect and that you were great. The manager walked by as well, making sure everyone felt welcome. I’ve never really seen that in a restaurant. The staff made you feel like you were a friend and not just another customer.

Over all the Patriot really out did themselves and it’s great restaurant. The only flaw was it was a little expensive, but the food was worth it.