OZ Korean BBQ is Superb


Photo By Nick Keller

OZ Korean Barbeque offers traditional food and various meats.

Maddie Haggard and Nick Keller

Grill your food at your table and spend only $23 on all you can eat.

OZ Korean Barbeque is located on Bradshaw off of Highway 50. There is a three story building in front of it, so it might be hard to find.

There is limited parking so you might have to find a spot closer to the other building and walk to the Korean Barbeque.

When you walk inside you get an old feel vibe. Everything looks antique from the old metal door handles to the dark rustic would on the building walls.

We waited for a table for about 40 minutes. There are tables or the bar (if you are older than 21) for you to sit at while you wait and you can watch their flatscreen TVs.

There are about 25 tables that seat four people in the restaurant. At each table there is a grill to grill your proteins and vegetables.

Salad, rice, and steamed vegetables are brought to you as you sit down. Your waiter will normally go over the menu and answer any questions that you have.

You can only have two appetizers at your table at a time. The appetizers they recommend are Pork Pot Stickers and Sweet Chili Wings.

Next you order your proteins. You do not have to finish your appetizers before you after your proteins.

The proteins they serve are beef, chicken, pork and seafood. You can have no more than three proteins at your table at a time.

They recommend Yang Yum Galbi for beef, Garlic chicken for chicken, Sweet pork for pork and Garlic shrimp for seafood. The Yang Yum Galbi is a short rib soaked in their traditional marinade, the garlic chicken is sliced pieces of chicken soaked in garlic marinade, the sweet pork is thin pork loins soaked in traditional marinade, the garlic shrimp is headless shrimp soaked in Garlic marinade.

By far my favorite was the Yang Yum Galbi. It was super sweet and rich in flavor.

You can order as many vegetables as you want at any time. They have onions, pine mushrooms, pineapples, zucchini, bell peppers and assorted veggies.

Once you have grilled your first round of meat and vegetables, the grill starts to get black on the top from all the char. Your waiter will come by and ask if you would like to have a new grill top, if you want a new grill top, he goes in the back and comes back with a handle and a new grill top, then he puts the handle into the old grill top, lifts it out and then puts the new on in, in less than 30 seconds.

There is a downside to this restaurant sadly, you can not take your leftovers home. If they think that you have too much food leftover they will add a $10 charge onto your bill.

Any person searching for Korean food and an antique atmosphere should look no further than OZ Korean Barbeque.