New Ice Cream Spot Freezes Competition


Photo By Cela Chamness

Exterior of the ice cream shop on Folsom Blvd.

Cela Chamness, Staff Writer

What’s the Scoop is a family owned restaurant that opened six years ago, at 6350 Folsom Blvd.

They have multiple types of yummy desserts to chose from. For example they offer sorbets, shaved ice, macaroni ice cream sandwiches, and bubble teas.

The well known ice cream brand , Gunther’s Ice Cream, is very proudly used in their store.
The place itself gives off a very family friendly vibe. They have very cute painting of the stores mascot, a penguin, on two of their multi-color walls.

You can also tell that they are keeping up with what’s popular, by playing todays hit songs and creating sweets treat you can find on Instagram.

The employees are very friendly, making you feel welcomed and give you plenty of time to choose what you want from their huge menu of options.

The portions are large and a good price. A small cup of ice cream can pass as a medium.

Their Oreo-flavored macaroni ice cream sandwich is delicious, but are premade.

The one problem with the sandwich being premade is that you can’t personalize the flavors.

However, they offer a wide selection of sizes and different flavors.
What’s The Scoop seems to always have room to sit, even though most customers choose to savor their treat there, rather than grabbing it to go.

Although there is usually a place to sit, you likely won’t be the only one eating and relaxing there.

What’s the Scoop for not only having delicious ice cream, but they also have many other fun, delicious treats.

The customer service is excellent, and the restaurant maintains a bubbly and upbeat atmosphere.

The ambiance alone will put a smile on your face, but once you take that first bite of your ice cream sandwich, you’ll understand why What’s the Scoop is so highly recommended.