“Chasing Coral” Raises Awareness of Climate Change

Jessica Mendez, Mirada Staff

Many people are not engaged with what’s happening with our environment. Many things are changing, including our beautiful yet fragile oceans.

Dive into the ocean yourself in “Chasing Coral” and see the wonders of our coral reef. Yet don’t be too astonished, our coral reefs are being affected by the minute.

During this Netflix movie “Chasing Coral” you are allowed to see what is happening to our beautiful oceans. Many of our coral over a long period of time or even under six weeks has turned white.

No one really knew why this was happening till now. Through this journey you are able to see how it has gotten to this point and learn valuable information if you are interested.

In the past 30 years we have lost 50% of the world’s corals. If they were white does this mean they are still alive?

Are they still living but will slowly die from starvation because of temperature rise in the ocean? Is this all caused by the disgusting yet life changing words climate change? Through “Chasing Coral” with Zachary Rago you are able to get all your answers to every question about the Coral Reef.

As an ocean lover, I really enjoyed watching this movie because personally, I felt like I was in the ocean myself experiencing these changes. Gorgeous video quality and great comparing and contrasting are shown in “Chasing Coral.”

Our coral reefs are vanishing very unexpectedly and it’s not okay.This movie will change your perspective and really make you understand that we have a part in this too and we need to keep our oceans clean.

Even by just keeping that plastic water bottle in your hand for 4.0 more seconds to wait to throw it in the trash instead of throwing it in our waters is later life changing.

Everything us humans do can take a turn on our Earth. Humans can cause global warming, which then causes climate change. Keep a coral reef colorful! Don’t turn it brown or white.

The ocean is very important to me. I really love all of the creatures in it.

For example I really enjoy whales. I love whales because they are massive, intelligent animals with beautiful qualities.

Lets just say for instance you really like sharks or maybe starfish because of the way they look or feed on things. These animals you love can be affected by climate change. Just like our coral reefs they can be destroyed and suffer rigorously, so get involved. Just by watching this movie you can learn a lot about the ocean and its needs.

I learned a lot from this movie. It taught me to not just involve myself with our waters but to make sure I try my best to get others involved to.
So make a difference. A change can only start if you are ready to take it head on first.