A Fortunate Find of Chinese Cuisine


Photo By Horizon Labarcon

Peking Village is tucked away behind the plaza.

Nick Manko and Michael Mehrdadi

No other restaurant serves authentic Chinese cuisine like Peking Village on Kiefer Blvd.

Although the restaurant had excellent tasting grub and great service, it was surprisingly deserted.

This is largely due to the fact that it is hidden in a corner within a plaza, overshadowed by more popular food chains like Baskin Robbins, Round Table, and Del Taco, and lacks any advertising.

John Chen, the owner of the establishment, is an immigrant from China who has always had a dream to run his own restaurant with his family.

“Making food was always a passion of mine,” said Chen. “Back in China, I helped out with my dad’s restaurant and enjoyed it so much. I’m keeping the legacy.”

The chow mein there is superb, and the dish has fresh sautéed shrimp, delicious noodles, and freshly made vegetables.

The noodles were cooked excellently, and the chicken was the absolute best. The chow mein is a must-try!

The house fried rice, however, was mediocre. The chicken was rather dry, but the flavor was nice.

The fried wantons were nice and crisp, and the accompanying sweet sauce accented the flavor of the dish.

The food and service was very enjoyable, and we will definitely be going back for more sometime soon.

We highly recommend this restaurant for its food and service. Dining here will also support a local business and contribute to the fulfillment of Chen’s American dream.