Technology Comes With Tesla


The Tesla Model 3, a new, affordable vehicle that runs on electricity is being produced by Tesla, the ambitious company that produced the Model S.

The Tesla Model S, referred to by many as the “most loved car in America,” is sporty, fuel-efficient and helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the automobile industry. The only problem is the $70,000 plus price tag that comes with it. Fortunately, for people looking to buy, the price is being cut in half to $35,000.

The concept of the Model 3 has been developing for ten years, but the wait is now over. Wanting to create a sports car and a sedan first, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has outdone himself this time. Although the shown Model 3 is subject to change in the next year, the shown specimen is something that looks to be the car of the future.

Getting over 100 miles per gallon is only one of the spectacle that makes this car the ultimate driving machine. While a Prius gets some of the same perks as a Tesla, there are several things that bump Musk’s design up on the podium.

The sleek appearance of the Model S grabs the attention of many buyers looking for a car that will, in the long term, save them money. The Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and the Smart Fortwo are all similar in the way that they look like something no one would drive if they weren’t fuel-efficient or environmentally friendly. This isn’t a problem for the Model 3, as it looks more like a sports car than a hatchback.  

Another perk to be handed to Tesla is the software, which exceeds all other competition. There are software updates that are able to make the vehicle do incredible things, such as move faster or steer differently. There is even an autopilot feature which doesn’t quite drive the car, but aids the driver in making suggestions on the road.

Curt Casazza, an economics teacher at Rio Americano exhibits his own excitement about the Tesla 3 by purchasing one for himself. “I’m leaving right now to place my down-payment,” said Casazza. The down-payment is $1000 dollars for the new Tesla, but it is refundable up until several weeks before the buyer receives the car.

“2017 and 2018 is when I get to design my car,” said Casazza. Although the wait may seem long, it is due to the fact that Tesla owners get their cars first.

Tesla is undoubtedly surpassing other electric cars in most areas. While many are attempting to come out with the perfect vehicle, not many have come close. The Tesla 3 may be the car that changes the world.