How to Have Fun at Homecoming Without a Date


It’s that time of year again– Rio’s homecoming dance is just around the corner.

Students across the campus anticipate this night full of dancing, laughter and wholesome high school fun. But when you’re single, it can be slightly difficult running into all those cute, unavoidable homecoming proposals all over campus and on social media.

Seeing the wantedness of others can lower one’s own self esteem and lead to feelings of rejection, understandably. But whether you haven’t gotten asked, or just flat out aren’t looking to build any kind of relationship, never feel like this has to stop you from enjoying such a precious experience.

I believe that the purpose of homecoming is not to find a date and fast, but rather to celebrate being young and radiant with the person or persons that matter most to you.

For instance, your best friends can lift you up in ways that no man or woman can.

You can help one another get ready beforehand without stressing about impressing.

“I’d rather go to homecoming with friends,” said junior Maddie Beck. “Because then you can dress up really cute for yourself, not because you’re trying to impress some boy.”

Not only can dancing with friends take off some pre-dance pressure, but it can also allow you to branch out during the event itself!

For instance, sometimes, having one date can make it a challenge to move about and socialize on the dancefloor. Dancing with friends, however, provides you with the mobility to meet the energy of your surroundings.                              
Not to mention, riding solo opens up the opportunity to mingle freely without the jealousy and possessive feelings involved in dating. Although it can be magical going to homecoming with a person of interest, having a night all to yourself is healthy because it allows you to explore which can, of course, lead to something magical!

Whether you’re going alone, with friends, with a date, or not at all, remember: High School is an insecure time, and most of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others, but confidence is key.
Don’t forget to enjoy the present moment, not for your date, your peers, or anyone else but you.  
Happy homecoming!