Former tank commander, powerlifter joins staff


Jace Thompson

New history teacher Brian Brickey is an impressive mix of brains and brawn. He was the  salutatorian, or second place valedictorian of his high school class, who also can bench 412 lbs as a competitive powerlifter. If those aren’t impressive enough, he’s also licensed to drive an army tank. 

Brickey was born and raised in Santa Maria. Growing up he played lots of sports and graduated with a 4.56 GPA. 

¨I was a super nerd!” Brickey said. 

He played division three football at Oxynal College where he majored in diplomacy and world affairs. His senior year, he got married, had a child, and graduated from the University of Laverne instead. He was then commissioned into the United States Army as a second lieutenant. 

For the past 8 years he was in the active U.S. Army. He’s been everything from a platoon leader to an executive officer to accompanying commander. As an officer in the army, he was responsible for the 15-24 lives in his platoon as well as the $15 million equipment that he had signed for. 

Brickey was also a tank commander for the US army. Driving and shooting a tank is apparently similar to playing a video game. All he can see inside the tank is screens of the outside of the tank. 

After he came back from the army he decided to transition into being a teacher. He taught up in the Rocklin area, and last year he taught at Sierra Oaks. 

Brickey is also very keen on staying in shape and being strong. He went into a competitive crossfit career, and rose all the way up to top 100 in the Pacific Northwest. After four years, he decided that it wasn’t very fun anymore because it requires so much time like a job, and decided to go into powerlifting. This year he placed 8th in the USA nationals 110 kilo/242 lbs class. 

Brickey teaches history, and is also a coach for our Rio football team.