Club Rush kicks off next week


Ashley Lundberg, Mirada Staff

        Are you interested in learning how to play guitar? Maybe watching “The Queen’s Gambit” inspired you to pick up chess, or just want to get lost in a good book with others? 

          As school starts picking up again, so do clubs. Starting next week, clubs featuring everything from saving the environment to parlez français (speaking French) will showcase what they have to offer and what they will be doing this year. During Club Rush week, from Sep. 21-23, the club presidents will have booths set up explaining what it’s about and how you can sign up. With over 35 clubs this year, there is no shortage of options. 

         Clubs serve an important role in the school community. Keilani Quayle 10, president of the Activities Club, says that the purpose of her club is to “make sure that everyone feels like they belong somewhere.” Throughout campus, clubs help students connect with others who have similar interests, and feel more involved in the school.

          If you want to make a difference in the community, the Helping Hands Club is a great way to do so. According to club president Hannah Lee 12, the club will work to help children in need.

         “This is the perfect opportunity for students to be creative and use their free time to create a variety of different crafts while helping those in need at the end of the day,” said Lee. They plan on making things together during or outside of school, and donate what they make and gather for children.

         Or if you are a Christian or are just interested in learning about the religion, the Christian Club is coming back after a two-year hiatus. The club will focus on exploring their faith in God and diving deep into the religion.

        Sierra Witte 12, the club president, said that it “welcomes everyone, whether you’ve been walking with the Lord for years or you just want to pop in to listen or ask some questions.” They are very excited to spend time getting to know everyone that is returning or joining the club.                         

        If murder mysteries are more up your alley, the Horror and True Crime Club is also available, and will be screening blood-curdling horror movies and discussing real-life cases and studying criminology this year.

       For anyone who perks up at the mention of the American Revolution, King Richard the Eighth, and the Battle of Waterloo, the History Day Club is for you. National History Day is an event across the United States celebrating history, and every year there is a theme to create projects around; this year’s is Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.

       While working on these projects, club president Kaser Winn 9  said that members will “develop research and communication skills.” Winn said that before National History Day, the club “will do a showcase and celebration before submitting our projects.”

       To find out more information about Club Rush and the numerous clubs available this year, visit