New survey and information for graduation

Joseph Bender, Mirada Staff

Seniors should fill out a survey by May 7 listing the names of the guests they plan to invite to their graduation. Students who do not respond to the survey will not be allowed to attend their graduation.

The graduation ceremony will be held on the baseball field on June 3 starting at 5:30 in the evening. 

People who cannot attend in person will be able to watch on a livestream.

Everyone who comes to the graduation must be a California resident. Attendees need to bring ID to check in at the door, where they will be given a wristband that shows they are allowed to be there. 

Each student can enter the names of two guests and one alternate guest in the form. The alternate guest will be able to attend if guidelines allow the school to seat three guests per student.

All people at the ceremony must wear a mask unless they present a note from a doctor as proof that they cannot. 

Attendees will be required to sit in a randomly assigned spot with the other members of their group, and are asked to carpool if possible because of limited parking.

Yelling will be prohibited.

Once the ceremony is finished, attendees must leave immediately. Staff will tell groups which of several exits they should use when leaving.