In-person graduation is a realistic possibility for seniors

While much is still uncertain, administrators are hoping for a decrease in COVID-19 cases to make an in-person graduation ceremony possible for the Class of 2021.


Photo By Emma Hutchinson

Seniors are able to purchase caps, gowns, class jewelry graduation announcements and much more on the Jostens website.

Jessica Sheppard, Mirada Staff

To say that this year was not like a High School Musical is a bit of an understatement for seniors. With classes being online and the year more than halfway over, many students feel that their last hope is graduation and if infection numbers continue to decrease, that hope may become a reality. 

An in-person ceremony is planned for June 3 at the Memorial Auditorium, offering seniors the opportunity to walk across a physical stage for graduation. The hope is to allow students to bring two people however that is still not decided. 

“It’s very fluid right now depending on how these next few months go, but they’re planning to have a graduation,” said senior class president Joe Fahn. “They are working on having a graduation at Memorial Auditorium if we get into lower tiers for COVID.”

There is no tier specifically that Sacramento needs to be in to allow an in-person ceremony, but viral infection levels at the time could affect who can come. 

“The tier might affect who could be there. For instance, we might only have the students and live stream to parents, or we might only have parents attend,” said principal Brian Ginter. “We will have to see how that all works out.” 

There are backup plans in place to either do a drive-up graduation or, if need be, doing it completely virtually. However, regardless of the situation, administrators still suggest seniors order graduation gear. 

“I still think you should get a cap and gown, especially since your parents may want pictures with you in the cap and gown,” said senior counselor Emily Greene. 

Students have until Feb. 28 to order caps, gowns, t-shirts, key rings, announcements, and other merchandise through Jostens. Students should shop by school to ensure that all information and merchandise is correct.

For students concerned about financial pressures caused by the pandemic and worried about being able to afford a cap and gown, Jostens has made it possible for anyone to purchase their caps and gowns. They have rental options and payment plans available to alleviate the financial burden. 

So buy your cap and gown, mark June 3 in your calendar and hope the numbers continue to go in the right direction.