How to Prepare for Finals

Taylor White, Mirada Staff

It is that time of year, finals season has arrived. It can bring a series of events such as staying up until three in the morning studying trying to memorize that one math equation and it can bring joy or also realizing that winter break has started. As a way to help those who do not know how to study for their finals or need some guidance here are some examples of how students prepare for their finals, where they prepare, and when they study for them.   

Sophomore, Catherine Kim states how she prepares for this semester’s upcoming finals, “I look over notes I’ve taken during the semester or work on the reviews that were given to me while listening to instrumental music or in a quiet setting. I usually study at home. I typically study in the evening and pretty last minute but I’m going to try to start studying ahead this time.” 

“I usually study study guides or take practice tests, I start from the beginning of the year and work toward recent information. I just study in my room and if it’s math I will listen to music while studying. I get home from school, eat a snack, and then study” said sophomore, Sierra Witte.

Junior, Emma Chally, “I usually start studying the week before and go through all my notes. But I usually study alone but join a study group if I need any help.” 

 “I study everything over again, look over the materials. I don’t really study anywhere specific. And I mostly study after school, like evening time” said sophomore, Sydney Gerety. 

Sophomore, Nikhil Patel, “For finals I generally review my notes and make a study guide for everything that’s going to be on the test. I study at my house and normally study at night.”

“If the teacher gives me a study guide. I do the study guide redone the things I got wrong. If they say go over your notes I read over my notes and make questions from the notes to study off of. I study mostly at my house in my room. If I’m able to go to temple I go there to study. I try to start studying a week or more before my final. But there’s not really a certain time of the day I study” said sophomore, Mckenna Hubbard. 

Sophomore, Sami Bacelli says, “I like to study after school in my room for the most part, but occasionally I will study at a quiet coffee shop or bakery. I prepare for finals by doing any study guides give and reviewing my notes tests and homework.”  

B by“I study for finals by using apps such as quizlet to help me review all the work we did over the semester. I study either in my room or with other friends. I usually study at night because it is most of the time quieter” said Carter Trueblood. 

“I prepare for finals by going over my old homework and reviewing what I have learned, I study in my room because I have food in there, I study on weekends because that’s when I have my most free time” said sophomore, Julia Mecey.  

With finals approaching, use some of the examples of how to study for your tests. Good luck on your finals!