Sacramento Votes To Ban All Nicotine

Jada Bailey, Mirada Staff

The city council voted 7-1 to approve the ban on all e-cigarettes and cartridges for anyone under the age of 21. 

Starting from Jan. 1 of this year, all stores selling nicotine to those under age will be fined. The Public Health Society commended the ban because the use of vapes are significantly increasing among teens. 

This increase causes a nicotine dependency with teenagers. According to the Truth Initiative in 2019, 34 percent of high schoolers used e-cigarettes and that 11.7 percent of high school seniors vape everyday.

“I think that the percent is going to still go up more because teens still have the access to get it and there to addicted to leave it alone,” said sophomore Mckayla Wikoff.

According to The Truth Initiative in 2019, as of  Nov. 5, 2019 there were cases of serious lung illnesses from vaping. 

Although teens can’t buy tobacco or nicotine products in stores, they can find an alternate way to buy the products. As a result, some think that this ban will be ineffective. 

“If we can get it in school you can definitely get it in the streets without being supervised,” said junior Mykayla Harris.

This ban has caused vape and smoke shops to close because of the change of its demographic. 

“Even though the nicotine percentage rises, [the state] banned all nicotine products from being sold to teens,” said an anonymous student. “Teens are still able to buy them off the market and sell them to other teens.” 

The mounting popularity of nicotine and e-cigarettes has caused teens to become addicted to it. This has become such a major issue that even if they wanted to quit it has become a difficult task.

“I have even sold my vapes and pens, but I still can’t stop myself from it because of how addicted I am,” said an anonymous student. 

As California becomes one of the first states to ban nicotine sales to teens, many more are sure to follow.