New Rio Americano App Released


Photo By Nicolas Gorman

Screenshot of the newly released Rio Americano High School App

Emily Borg, Mirada Staff

In Dec. 2019, Rio released a new app that can be downloaded on all Apple and Android devices. With the click of a button in the App Store, it can be added to your phone. 

The Rio Americano High School app enables parents, students, teachers, and administrators to access important information, to keep up with the latest news and announcements and obtain key resources. 

“I didn’t know about it but it seems like it would be very helpful for the future if it reminded you of stuff,” said senior Seth Hargett.

Originally when you open the app it asks for login information. The assumption was that it would be the same password used for both parent and student portal, but when typed in it said that the account does not exist. There is a way to get around this, simply click the skip button and it will reroute you to the home page of the app. 

The app, created by SchoolInfoApp, includes many different resources such as events, schedules, calendars, maps, staff pages and more. 

“It is a great idea to keep students organized and now I know what is going on,” said senior Amanda McGoldrick.

If users enable their notifications, they will be informed each morning on what events will be happening on campus that day with the location and time of each event. 

“I think the app is a really good idea because it is a better way to keep students involved in what’s going on in school. It is frustrating that students cannot log in though,” said senior Lindsay Whitworth.

The app also allows for quick access to the school’s website along with the school phone number. In the section labeled “Quick Links”, you can find athletic schedules, class of 2020 updates, news, meal menus, ParentConnection, Schoology, Student Connection, student portal and the weekly bulletin. 

The app is an easy way to find important information from the school and keep up with schoolwork and grades. 

“It is smart to have it as an app compared to having it on the website because it is more accessible,” said sophomore Franchesca Cu-Pyun.