UPDATE: School Responds to Racist Posts


Mickey Doolittle, Editior in cheif

With the first week back after the image first surfaced under way, the school has made multiple efforts to spread a message of inclusion amongst the student body. First, Ginter accompanied members of the community and Black Lives Matter in front of the school Monday.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think everybody has come to the same place in understanding in how we relate to each other and we have a long way to go,” said Trent Allan, a representative from SJUSD who lead members from the community Monday.

Later in the day, Ginter held an assembly in the Preforming Arts Center with each individual class, acknowledging the situation.

“I will pledge to you guys that we will do everything…we possibly can to make sure you feel comfortable talking to us,” Ginter said to the senior class. “What we start today will continue this year with our community partners and with actions that we put together as we move forward.”

Finally, an emergency staff meeting was called where students voiced their concerns about communication between staff and students.