Students and Faculty Turn Artistic Passions Into Businesses

Sydney Hodge, Guest Writer

Many students are “creatives”, or people that create, invent, and imagine different ways to express their creativity through different mediums such as clothing or pictures.

Senior Whitney Wheeler found her passion for photography in the 7th grade when she started experimenting with her mom’s camera. Now, she takes pictures and makes videos to sell, including this year’s freshman orientation video.

“The admin even asked me to put together the freshman video this year,” said Wheeler.

Wheeler said she feels supported by the admin and especially her teacher, Mr. Feld who helped her design her logo and create her website.

“I wouldn’t have been able to create and design my own website without Feezy who helped me through the whole process,”said Wheeler.

She’s inspired by Indy Blue Severe and hopes to continue pursuing her passion for videography and photography in the future by becoming a wedding videographer.

“I want this to be a hobby for my whole life, and if I’m successful enough, then I’d want to make a career out of it,” said Wheeler.

Junior Lina Pawlak designs and makes her own clothing, which she has her friends model.

“I make women’s clothing, like tops and dresses”

She does this by sewing her own clothes with the materials she buys.

“I have my own sewing machine and tons of fabric and materials that I choose from. I don’t use any patterns, I just cut and sew as I go to what I think looks good,” said Pawlak.

She hopes to go to a fashion based college in New York.

“I hate normal schools and jobs so I would want to work in that setting”, said Pawlak.

She is interested in starting her own company after design school.

Feld started “Daddio Trading Co.” a year and a half ago and makes a variety of goods for fathers looking to look like a rad dad.

“I started my business because I love design and I view myself as a creative,”said Feld.

Feld consistently helps others like Wheeler and Pawlak with their products and logos.

Feld believes “We should encourage young people to students to control their destinies by pursuing a path being an entrepreneur rather than following in the footsteps of others.”

He plans on continuing “Daddio Trading Co.” for the foreseeable future and hopes that he can continue to inspire and aid students in taking their products and ideas to the next level.

“I love bringing products to life as well as being able to use my platform as an educator to hopefully inspire other creatives to pursue their dreams,” said Feld.

These creatives have been lucky in finding what they love to do. They encourage others to explore different media of creativity and create lasting hobbies or jobs that students can carry out for the rest of their lives.