Rio Mirada Comes Online


For the first time in over a decade, the school will be getting a student-made newscast covering personalities, issues and events on campus.
The Radio and TV class will produce a video news program every other Friday that pulls together short videos that students in the class make and presents them with commentary from sophomore Amelia York, the anchor and creator of the show.
“It’s gonna be maybe around like five minutes of just like four stories, that are the best we have that week,” said York, the editor-in-chief of Rio TV.
The process of filming for Rio TV begins every Thursday with a brainstorming session. The whole class comes together on those days to share ideas and assign stories to people. The next day, the students actually go out and film clips for their stories and edit them.
“And then from Wednesday, I’m the editor of Rio TV, so what I’m doing is I take all of those videos and I look for like the best, most informational, most entertaining stories from that and I’m putting that together in sort of a college.” said York.
Rio TV started airing Sept. 21 and they plan to keep this airing the whole year on a biweekly schedule.
Along with the new addition to news broadcasting, the Rio Mirada website is now up and running. Website editor-in-chief, Jared Moisey, was the first to get the website going after seven years of attempts by other editors.
“I am the first editor to actually take that role seriously and really try and work on it,” said Moisey.
The website is a place where current articles go, as well as the articles in the newspaper when the paper comes out. If there’s an event that is at the beginning at the month, it is not timely for the newspaper, but the website can easily be updated on that event.
“There’s no limit to what we could put on the website, so say we take a hundred pictures from a football game, and then we have forty good pictures, only about 3 max can make it into print for the newspaper however those forty good pictures, if we want, we could put those on a slideshow on the website,“ Moisey said.
The website will be a place to get news, pictures, and any other thing the newspaper class has to offer, and it is ready for anybody to check it out and get some news.
“The second we have pictures it’s up on the website,” said Moisey.
Because of the website’s new release to the public, and Rio TV’s release around the same time, teachers and advisors for the two classes, as well as Moisey and York, agreed to collaborate with posting the Rio TV on the website. Along with that, the Mirada will publish codes to quickly access the website via phone so you can get up-to-date on other news and the latest edition to Rio TV.
Be sure to check out the website and the first edition to Rio TV at Enjoy the newest ways, of news.