Student Government Previews Plans for the Year

Whitney Wheeler, Guest Writer

This year Student Government has so many exciting things planned. Every year we strive to be better than the year before, but I have a feeling this year is going to be hard to beat.

In the beginning of the year we have a lot of events coming up quickly to look forward to: a Back-to-School dance, Senior Walk In, Duck Derby rally, Senior Sunrise, Homecoming, the Homecoming rally, Back to School Night and College Night.

Later on in the year we still have Gala, Prom and Senior Ball, but we have other new, exciting things planned as well. This year students can look forward to plenty of Movie Nights, games and music in the quad and potentially a Lip Sync Battle and Talent Show.

Student Government has two main goals this year. The first is participation. Whether it’s attendance to sports games or dances or dressing up for spirit weeks or participating in lunch time games, we want to get as many people as we possibly can to come together as a school and get involved.

There will be a class competition point system for school spirit and participation in spirit weeks.

The next big goal is inclusion. No matter who students are or what part of campus they come from we want everyone involved.

We want to involve everyone from sports teams to band to theater. We want all aspects of Rio to feel represented and make everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

Student Government is always open to take any suggestions, comments or input the student body has, so feel free to stop by and talk to officers.