Women’s March

Jessica Sheppard and Emma Riley

The women’s march is a melting pot of people from all walks of life, joining forces for a common cause, women’s rights. Anyone can help the cause because they aren’t just fighting for women’s rights, but for human rights too.

Every year, women show up to support and fight for the Women’s Suffrage movement.

The history of the march today serves as one way for people to protest for rights and equality for all.

This Women’s march happens all over the world. Everywhere from Stockholm, Sweden to right here in Sacramento.

People like Nellie Bly and Helen Keller used their platforms to stand up for the cause. Some powerful women that attended the 2018 march include, Viola Davis, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence. But the march isn’t just for women, but men too. An example would be someone like Ashton Kutcher. But you don’t have to be famous to fight for rights.

Maya Howard is a 14 year old who worked as part of the youth advisory committee for the march in Sacramento. She worked with other girls to create awareness about why we march and help make a difference in our society.

“The whole experience was incredible,” said Howard “Not just in the fact that it was an amazing opportunity, but also because it was just really fun.”

Howard loved everything about being a part of the march and impacting other women and young girls about how they will help change this world for the better.

A misconception that people have, is that a feminist is someone who thinks women are better, and that its a battle of the sexes rather than equality for all genders.

“To me, being a feminist is believing that all men and women, regardless of outside factors, should be treated and viewed as equal,” said Howard

The point of the march is to bring women together to support one another, and to support minorities in the community. That means that anyone from anywhere can come together for equality.

“I would say that the march is a group of powerful women coming together to try to make a difference of the bettering of their community,” said Howard

It is estimated that around 20,000 people marched last year. This year, even more men and women have realized what needs to be changed in our world and over 36,000 people marched.

One of those people was freshman Katherine Lehrer. “ I think that this march was really inspiring to see what everyone has to say and to see everyone come together, men and women of all ages,” said Lehrer

It’s important to understand what the march is, and that everyone deserves the same treatment despite age, gender, size, shape or color.

“I think that the women’s march was created to advocate and promote rights and other issues.” said Leher. “ It also shows women from all different backgrounds stand together and unite to show how important women’s rights are.”